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We offer stringent surveillance technology in all shapes and sizes with high resolution and cost effectiveness

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Security systems have been the most crucial facet for protection of property, offices, data and maintaining safety. We offer stringent surveillance technology in all shapes and sizes, depending on client’s requirement with high resolution and cost effectiveness.

Millennium offers security solutions and related services which consists of Cyber Security Solutions, Perimeter Intrusion Detection System, Surveillance System, CCTV Solution, Power Fencing solutions, Homeland Security Solution and Boom Barriers that empowers and protects security-conscious enterprises.


Networking and security solutions consists of your entire data transport infrastructure; may it be voice or mail, data between PC, printer, server, Internet or even the security of buildings, with images from surveillance cameras or the alarms on doors and windows.

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Our offered Solutions in CCTV Surveillance are

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CCTV and Surveillance

Video Analytics, Edge Analytics and AI continuous learning

Mobile NVR

Disaster Recovery Centre

Integrated Command & Control Centre

Variable Message Sign Board

OFC laying and Network Connectivity

Smart Pole Solution

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